Meet Casey Keller, Verkada’s Enterprise Solutions Engineer

4 min readApr 29, 2021


In this employee spotlight, see what a day in the life looks like for Casey Keller, Enterprise Solutions Engineer at Verkada. (And if you’re interested in joining us in our mission of making the world safer, check out our open positions!)

What does your day to day look like?

As an enterprise solutions engineer, I’m often in the field. I meet with existing customers or new prospects and I help relationships grow so that people get more familiar with Verkada products. Sometimes I help customers resolve issues, so I fly up there and I help them; it means a lot to the customer that we can do that. Some of our folks have existing frustrations– we directly identify a pain point that they have and then we just show how easy it is to solve them with Verkada.

I also install the customer’s first camera myself to make sure it’s perfect. We want to make sure that when other installers come in to add more cameras, they see the first ones and have a reference on how to properly do it. We’re here to set the customer up for success.

What do you look forward to everyday that you come to work?

What gets me excited is helping people realize the power of Verkada on site. When I’m meeting with prospects and customers, I bring my iPad with me. As I’m giving the presentation, I hand them my iPad, and they’re able to figure everything out. I get to see them get even more excited because they’re like, “Wow, I literally have this whole technology in my hand and I can go anywhere with it,” It’s the same with access control. I have a customer that has told me they want to be able to easily unlock a door remotely. With our system, it’s so easy, and we can show them right there that it takes only one click to open a door, versus 10 minutes with other systems.

“Another big thing for me is just the opportunity to learn something new everyday. With Verkada, I’m constantly introduced to new technologies and new hardware that I haven’t encountered before. We have a lot of different products and I love watching the company grow, and seeing how they’re really going to help our customers.”

How do your values align with Verkada’s mission?

People don’t realize how important an integrated building solution is. When you really think about how complex a building could be, people don’t think of everything. They think of maybe a camera, but what about fire alarm systems? How is that all tied together? The idea that if you could use one platform and make building security easy to use is huge for customers. That vision really excites me, and I know that it will help protect customers based on the pain points that I’ve seen in the field. I see the potential of wrapping all this under one platform; it would just make things a lot easier and I think keep things a lot more secure. If you have a centralized platform that you’re using to manage all these devices, it’s just a lot more effective and I feel like you feel a lot more confident that systems are working well. I love the whole vision of just being able to think about your whole building on one platform.

What does it feel like getting to work as a Solutions Engineer at Verkada?

One of the most exciting things about my role is getting to test out the newest beta products. I got to try out the new bullet cameras and even the environmental sensors to really understand how our customers would benefit from it. I always beg to test the new stuff, and they let me try it!

Being a Solutions Engineer– I don’t really consider it a job. It’s just something I’m passionate about, and I love to help people and have the technology to solve issues. In general, I’m really big on technology. When I get off work, I’m doing something with technology, whether it’s studying it or playing with it. I have Verkada cameras all around my house, and I even have environmental sensors in my garage. This stuff isn’t just work for me, it’s just something I’m really passionate about.

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